Bangladesh national building code 2010 pdf


    BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Volume 2 of 3. (Part 6). Housing and Building Research Institute. FINAL DRAFT. BNBC FINAL DRAFT . B a n g l a d e s h Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) Ministry of Works Editorial note: According to the information provided by the national. BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Volume 1 of 3. (Part 1 to Part 5). Housing and Building Research Institute. FINAL DRAFT. BNBC

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    Bangladesh National Building Code 2010 Pdf

    BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Volume 3 of 3. (Part 7 to Part 10). Housing and Building Research Institute. FINAL DRAFT. This study focuses on Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) in Growth. Rate of. Bangladesh. Bangladesh National Building Code (Building Materials Chapter 2 ASTM A/AM Standard Download PDF .. BDS EN - 9: Aluminum and aluminum alloys - Extruded rod/bar, tube and profiles - Part 9.

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    However, after making several editions of the code our status of implementation is still unpromising. The national code also provides guidance for service related facilities like electrical, mechanical, sanitary and other services. I would like to mention some salient features of the new edition which ought to be followed to ensure safe and sound building design.

    First of all, the new edition of the Code consists of three volumes instead of one volume unlike the previous one, with a view to easy handling. In the first volume, the definition has been updated taking inputs from all the relevant stakeholders. The scope of the Code remains same as the previous edition.

    A new organization for building code administration has been proposed which was also a proposal in the Code. We have repeated it to emphasize upon and ensure the enforcement of the Code.

    We have introduced new forms of permit and inspection. In modifying the building code we have also taken account of Rajuk regulations.

    Bangladesh National Building Code-2015

    Classification of occupation has been changed through consulting different international codes. Types of building construction have been broadly classified into two groups: non combustible and combustible types. Noncombustible types are further subdivided based on fire rating.

    Combustible type is mainly timber wood construction, which is subdivided based on the type of timber wood used in the construction.

    Precautionary requirements have been modified according to revised building occupancy classification. Different designs have been considered. Specific requirement for fire protection plan has been introduced. Updated specification for building materials have been referred to.

    Definition and general agreements have been updated following different international codes. Loads on buildings and structures have been updated. Earthquake load has been revised based on the Euro Code and the Indian Code.

    Two new chapters on bamboo construction and steel composite structures have been added. Strength specification design for concrete structure has been rationalized based on ACI , A new construction technology named confined machinery has been introduced in the chapter of machinery structures. Provisions for environmental protection and high rise buildings have been introduced. Minor changes have been made regarding storage, handling practices and supply issue of fuel and gas.

    We have thoroughly revised provisions on electric service and building acoustic, sanitary and water drainage and lifts, escalators like moving works. Provisions on sustainability measures have been thoroughly revised. Guidelines for sign in urban and rural areas have been introduced.

    Environmental graphics and graphics for universal accessibility have been added. This is the overview of the new edition of the BNBC.

    Bangladesh National Building Code : ( BNBC Draft ) -

    You have used AC for wind load. AC was based on fastest mile of wind. How have you reconciled the anomaly of it? In the Code there were some mistakes in defining height and table of wind. Have you corrected these mistakes?

    According to the legal procedure, it has to be mentioned in all the agreements between the developer and the owner that all the design and activities are in compliance with the BNBC The best suggestion to avoid any illegal complication is to consult with registered professionals.

    The code defines the qualifications for the qualified professionals who will be involved from designing to supervising of the construction. Involving professional in designing also reduces cost.

    The design of a building starts from the roof and we go down the ground gradually through calculation of load while the construction starts from the foundation. We can start today's talk from the discussion of soil investigation. Whether the correct procedure has been followed in acquiring the data for preparing geotechnical report? We can start with loads.

    No change happens to dead load. The point here is the live load. In the present Code, we have changed it to '3- second gust speed' which is about 11 percent higher than the basic wind speed. In Dhaka, previously we used km per hour, which is about km per hour. Wind pressure may increase about 4 to 5 percent. Seismic design category is included in the Code.

    It is a vital point. It is related to the soil conditions. We have divided the whole country into 4 different zones. Every building in zones 3 and 4 should be designed as Special Moment Frames. The minimum width of the column should be 16 inches, in some cases it may be 20 inches. This is very important for the architects. We have included garage and utility service related occupancy issues also.

    The Daily Star has been consistently hammering the question of proper implementation of the Code. Apparently, the BNBC has not been implemented at all. Though BNBC defines the standards and the procedure for demolition of a construction, workers started demolishing the building manually using huge hammers and without taking any safety measure.

    All of us are aware of the death of 15 workers at that incident. Updating the Code is a technical matter. As a citizen and layman, I am interested in implementation of the Code. Who is the authority to implement it? Why there was no enforcement of the Code in the past 7 years? Is there any guideline included in the Code about the removal, demolition and evacuation of a building? Mehedi Ahmed Ansari, Dept. But the issue regarding monitoring, which is the key point, is always being neglected.

    After the Rana Plaza incident, a committee was formed but it does not function. There should be a building commission comprising four elements: advisory board, accreditation of professionals and training of professionals and updating of building code on a regular basis.

    Most changes will occur in Chittagong and Sylhet. As a developer, we always have to face questions regarding earthquake resistance. We make analysis based upon static methods. We face the lack of necessary data and cannot bring the work beyond academic level. It should be made simple through using Richter Scale and other parameters, so that people can easily understand the strength of a building.

    Is there any scope in the new Code to use mechanical energy absorption devices? We should change the curriculum of the public and technical universities according to the changes in the practical field. We should emphasize upon construction management to ensure enforcement of the law. Training regarding occupational hazards is very important. Our labourers refuse to wear helmets because of hot weather and often neglect the safety requirements.

    They do not want to use welding gloves since it slows workt. It is just lack of awareness. Prof Dr. Raquib Ahasan, Dept.

    Since EDD mostly depends on manufacture, and data have to be collected from the manufacturer, it is not possible to include it in the code.

    The procedure of dynamic analysis is given in details in the Code. There shall be provisions for firemen to take over the control of lift operation as per provision of this Code. Utilities Occupancy L and exempted quantities of hazardous materials for different occupancies are given below: i Flammable liquids used for domestic purposes shall be kept adequately sealed in approved containers within the limit of exempted quantity at all times. The duct shall not pass through combustible materials.

    Bangladesh National Building Code 2012 Part 06 – Structural Design

    Appropriate signs identifying the storage materials and requesting the users to keep the door closed shall be marked on both sides of the door. Control Areas of a building using or processing or storing such flammable liquid shall be covered by exhaust ventilation system. Control Areas of a building using or storing such flammable liquid shall be covered by exhaust ventilation system.

    Such rooms shall be effectively cut off from the rest of the building and connected to open air through approved ducts or openings. Such areas shall be away from staircases.

    The curtain shall be equipped with self-closing emergency device and when closed shall be tight enough to prevent spread of smoke. The ventilators shall be operable from the stage floor manually or by fusible links or some approved automatic heat actuated device to give an opening to sky with an area of one-eighth the area of the stage. Larger numbers of smaller vents shall be preferable over smaller number of larger vents. Any repair or alteration works within a building shall be prohibited unless the existing means of egress and fire protection system are continuously maintained or a continuous alternative exits and protection measures are taken to provide an equivalent degree of safety for the occupant and the workers for the total duration of such project.

    The way of exit travel within a building form any point thereof along a means of egress shall consist of three parts: 1 the exit access, 2 the exit, and 3 the exit discharge a A way or path of evacuation from any point of an area affected due to fire incident leads to a protected entry to another separated area of a building shall be termed as exit access.

    Straight line distance between the remotest point of an area of incident and the entrance point of a separated area shall be measured and termed as a travel distance. An area or any plot abutting street which is open to air and designated for systematic assemblies of evacuees to complete the process of egress system shall be termed as exit termination. When they are designed and installed for safe operation during fire shall be included as components of means of egress.

    Ramps or stairway shall be used in case of changes in elevations of walking surfaces.

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