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Since The Silva Mind Control Method was first published in hardcover, over one It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!. My edition of this book is from , but it is still relevant today. It contains special , detailed information pertinent to business managers. Although I am not one. The Silva Mind Control Method book. Read 75 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

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Silva Mind Control Book

Home / Books Manifesting with Silva Beyond Imagination by June Kidd. $ Secret Life Of Your Cells. $ The Silva Mind Control Method. $ The Ultimate Self-Realization Technique! Since The Silva Mind Control Method was first published in hardcover, over one million people. The Silva Method is a self-help and meditation program developed by José Silva. It claims to In , Silva began developing his method, formerly known as Silva Mind Control, using it on his family New York, New York: Pocket Books.

You have control over your mind! Realize this, and you will become a better you. The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva and Philip Miele has been A Simon and Schuster best seller since and is a classic do-it-yourself text for everyone who wants to develop more of the mind and human potential. Disciplining your mind is a great way to start changing your life and achieving success. Just like a muscle, your brain needs exercise. Far too many people get stuck in a rut of old habits and never really exercise their mind because they never realized that their mind and undeveloped potential is the gateway to unparalleled success in life. This book can benefit you in a number of ways, depending on what you want to change about yourself.

When I read the book, I felt excited and wanted to try it as soon as possible. Later, as my search for the human mind went on, I realized that the Silva method is a mixture of Self-Hypnosis and Meditation including some elements from NLP. Firstly, you need to bring your mind to a relaxed state.

This state is the alpha brain state where your right hemisphere is active. You are in this state every day for several times. One standard time that your mind finds itself at this state is every morning when you wake up. In the first minutes, after you wake up, your mind passes from the theta brain state to the alpha and then to the beta.

So, you can use this time window to train yourself in the Silva method. You have to exercise every morning, for about fifty days, just to understand the alpha state boundaries.

It is crucial to learn how to enter and leave this brain state. If you can follow the below-mentioned exercise program, then you will become an expert in reaching the alpha state anytime. While you count backward you have to look, behind your closed eyelids, slightly above. You will need no more than 15 minutes every morning for each exercise. You have to develop your visualization skill. Check some Visualization Exercises here.

You will create an imagery tool like a mental monitor where you will project your visualizations. In the beginning, you try to imagine in great detail, ordinary things , like fruits or something that you are very familiar with. The purpose of this exercise is to develop your visualization skill and your creativity as well. Later on, you will be able to imagine things, not so familiar to you, also in detail. All your visions will be projected to your mental monitor.

You can imagine this as a cinema screen. This tool helps you reduce the distractive thoughts.

You can remove any irrelevant thought by projecting it in the mental monitor and then fading it out slowly or moving it towards one side, revealing your initial consideration. Clearing the distractions is the first mind control experience. You try to control your distractions and keep focused on just one thought.

Doing this exercise, you will realize that day by day, less irrelevant thoughts will interrupt you. Congratulations, you just started to control your mind!

Silva Method

You must also train your brain on leaving the alpha state and return to the normal beta where you are fully alert. Whenever you meditate, you must always close your session confirming that you will go back to the beta state, feeling fully awake and refreshed. This is natural. As you consciously enter and exit the alpha state, on a daily basis, you will realize the different brain states.

It is evenly important to know how to exit the meditative state as well as how to enter it. As your Mind Control skills progress, your brain will stay in the desired state until you close your session. Initially, your brain may be induced into trance, but it may not be able to remain there for too long. This fluctuation will be minimized with training. When I tried to enter the alpha brain state for the first time, I followed the instructions exactly.

I remember that I was waiting for something to happen. So I failed the first time. The next attempts were also unsuccessful. I started feeling disappointed and discouraged. The key was to relax, and I was doing the opposite.

So, in another attempt, I finally realized the alpha state. It was a strange feeling , and I observed it as fully as I could. I started to feel very relaxed; almost paralyzed. After a while, I felt numbness in my face. And the strangest effect was that I felt a disturbance in the gravity of my body.

It was like the right side of my body was weightless. You can feel that when you lie down on your left side. It was a very nice feeling, though. From that moment on I knew whether I was in an alpha state or not. At this point, you have learned how to reach a meditative level. You prepared the ground to move forward and use this level to your benefit. We will talk about the benefits you can have using the Silva method. Some of them require a lot of experience, like the ESP, but I think the first two are easy to achieve.

While you are at the proper mind state, you can create mind tools that can help you with several mental tasks. In this section, we will discuss how you can improve your memory by creating a tool and using it in your everyday life. There are two ways you can improve your memory using the Silva method. The slow one and the fast one. To use the fast technique, you have to create a special mind tool and practice with it.

We will see it in a while. The slow method is used when you are in the alpha state. Then, you recreate and project a past experience that you need to remember on your mental monitor.

Remember that your mind can process much more information than you are conscious of. So, by going to the alpha brain state, you use consciously the resources of your subconscious mind.

It is quite possible to locate the exact point where you lost your precious thing. The slow method requires relaxing and needs about minutes of meditation. The second method is very fast and can be activated after developing a mental mechanism.

It is the alpha brain state that is very resourceful and improves your memory. So entering this state instantly whenever you want would be just perfect. This can happen using the following technique. You have to do this for at least one week.

Finally, your brain will switch automatically to the alpha state when you join your fingers. Then you can imagine your mental monitor and recreate fast the experience you need to remember. Nice tool, eh? In NLP, this is called anchoring and it is the combination of a specific brain state, reminiscence or mood with a particular stimulus. This can be an image, a thought, a sound or anything. A classic example of anchoring is every time that you listen to a specific song on the radio and it instantly reminds you of a past experience.

The mind tool that you created in order to improve your memory does exactly the same. It connects your alpha brain state with the union of your fingers. There are also two ways of speed learning in the Silva method. The first one is by using the technique of the three fingers you learned earlier. The second one requires recording your own voice. When you study something, you use the three fingers tool to induce your brain into trance.

As you study in this level, more of the information you get is stored into the long term memory. At a later point, you may join your three fingers again to remember what you have read. This technique requires that you have mastered the usage of the three fingers mechanism.

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The other method is more complex. As I said, it requires recording your voice. You will need a voice recording device, and you will use it when you read something you want to memorize.

After the recording you will enter the alpha state and hear what you have recorded. This method exploits both the brain states alpha and beta. So using it, you are supposed to better memorize what you read than just read in the beta state. I tried the three finger method when I was a student.

Most of us have experienced creative sleep some time in our lives. You may remember a time when you dreamed about a real problem you had in your life and the next morning knew how to deal with it. The next morning you had the solution ready to be applied and solve your problem.

Creative sleep happens to most of us randomly.

But if you train yourself enough you can program yourself to have a dream when falling asleep that will provide you with the answers you seek. This requires that you have reached an advanced meditative level and that your brain easily alters its brainwave state at will.

The basic concept of dream programming is simple. Before you sleep you meditate, and you visualize the problem you have. Then you must state mentally that you need some advice or solution to your problem and that you will dream of this solution. When you wake up the first thing you do is write down what you remember of your dreams.

If your memories seem to be irrelevant to your query, perhaps the solution is hidden and needs to be deciphered. It is important to write your memories down immediately after you wake up because at this moment you remember most of the dream. As minutes go by you gradually forget it. Dream programming is possible, and you can do it.

You may find the following guidelines useful:.

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D The Silva Mind Control Method [[P.D.F] E-BOOK E-P.U.B K.I.N.D.L.E]

Using Dream Programming, you can draw valuable information for your life. Almost every time we dream there are messages in the dreams coming from our subconscious. Using dream programming, we also enter a process of searching for meanings in our dreams. Thus, we will becoming better day by day in understanding the hidden messages that our subconscious sends us through dreaming.

You know that every word has a meaning or multiple meanings. Every phrase has a meaning and it is defined as positive if the words are positive or as a negative if the words are negative.

Such phrases must be deleted from your dictionary and be replaced by positive ones. This is a ground rule in Silva method. The power of the words is multiplied when you are in the alpha state. The gravity of the meanings of every phrase is stronger. Using this power of the words when you meditate can have miraculous effects on your mood and on the way you feel.

The Silva Method may help you learn to use the power of positive thinking. These statements have great effects on your subconscious mind as you are in alpha or theta brain state.

Negative phrases have also powerful effects on your subconscious mind, so you need to remove these from there and replace them with positive. I do this every day; maybe this is the reason why I seldom feel sorrow.

This is quite true and this is the reason why you can use mental images to your benefit. You are going to use your imagination and at this stage you must have developed your visualization skill. You are now taking a step further using the Silva Method.

At this point you must meet the following requirements:. In order to use the power of the imagination, you are going to use the mind tools that you have already created. These are your mental monitor and the three finger technique.

In the Silva method book that I have read, the technique of using the power of imagination was illustrated with two examples. As none of them were my concerns, I applied the technique to my problem and this was to stay motivated going to the gym.

I applied the technique every time that I felt too bored to work out. When this happened, I used to meditate for about 20 minutes and after this I was refreshed and ready for the gym. The Silva method comes in handy in such cases. You can control yourself and overcome the bad habits that slow you down and leave you unmotivated. First of all, you must prepare yourself before meditation and know what you are going to imagine.

You have to know all the benefits that you will get by changing a bad habit. List them and prepare yourself to begin. You start your meditation session as usual.

The Silva Mind Control Method Download ( Pages)

After that you move slowly this old picture of yourself to the right of the screen, and you bring in a new image of yourself from the left. This new image is you again but changed. Afterward, you start visualizing your new life in the absence of the bad habit. At this point you must try to imagine as many details as you can. You have to imagine details that engage all of your senses like sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

In my case I imagined details of my body that engaged sight and touch. So, I visualized that I was fit, exactly as I wanted to be, and then observed the results in the mirror. Then I touched my new body and felt its texture. After that I imagined how I felt with my new body. I observed my self-confidence and my mood. These were all nice feelings. I also imagined occasions in my life having all the benefits of a fit body. I imagined having great strength, being healthier, looking nicer and many more details.

Think of your problem and list the benefits you get by resolving it. This will help you imagine yourself in a positive manner. Bring your mental monitor in front of you and project an image of yourself before and after the solution of the problem. Integrate all the benefits you listed earlier to yourself and imagine how your life is changing.

A last important note is that when you are at the visualization process you must not imagine anything negative or anything that is against your desire. Keep this in mind. You have to do this twice a day in order to have a result. Silva method is going to give you a boost in your motivation to quit something bad that you want to change. When you are at a place where you cannot meditate you can use the three finger technique and remember your purpose if needed. You can use the Silva Method to improve your health or maintain it at a good level.

When you are ill, using the power of your imagination can speed up the recovery process. Apart from this, it has been observed that some patients have been cured from cancer in an inexplicable way. All these people had a common trait. This was Positive thinking. Having this knowledge, you can understand how important it is to think positively.

Using your mental monitor you imagine for a while yourself ill having the symptoms that pester you. Then you say mentally to yourself that you deeply desire to be cured and to be healthy again. You have to be in the alpha state and before you start visualizing you have to make some affirmations.

José Silva

These affirmations are to induce your mind to thinking positively. You are going to use the power of positive think to accelerate healing. You have to state mentally that you desire to be a positive person. You have set your desire to be healthy again and be cured completely; start imagining it. You imagine how well you feel, you are not in pain anymore.

Feel the freedom and the happiness that perfect health offers. Maintain this image in your mind for several minutes and enjoy it. You help yourself to recover rapidly. Keep on meditating as much as you can and you will be healthy again sooner than you thought you would be.

This is the power of the Silva method! But anyway I use my imagination when I feel sick. The strange thing is that for the last ten years every time I get ill it never lasts longer than a day. The last time that I got sick was during a night shift at work. This lasted for 4 hours and then it disappeared. I felt as if this had never happened. I used, in a way, what the Silva Method says but I am not sure that this is what caused my rapid recovery.

In any case, I believe that the Silva Method has positive effects on your health levels as it has with the mood and with the bad habits. Some Speculations. A Psychiatrist Works with Mind Control. Your SelfEsteem Win Soar. Mind Control in the Business World. Your Words Hare Power. The Power of Imagination.

An Intimate Exercise for Lovers. The Mind Control Coarse and. Introduction j w hahn Ph D. Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria Don E. Meet lost. Speed Learning. Creative Sleep.

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