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Oxford University Press. Photocopiable. Stonesoup. Unit 12 Extra activities. 1. Answer the questions. Look at your. Class Book. Where's the green bug? What's. Chit Chat 1 Class Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Class Book for brown Storter unit Lesson 2 Yellow. Chit Chat 2 Sb - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. D o go u g o sho p p in g? go runnrng reod o book p lo g computer gqm es Hl go s wim m in g plog hockeg listen to m u s ic Do gou go .. Chit Chat 1 Class Book.

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Chit Chat 2 Class Book Pdf

A two-level course that challenges young learners, developing skills in reading and writing as well as listening and speaking. Our discounted price list (PDF) Chit Chat can be used with children starting to learn English, or those who have. Chit Chat can be used with children starting to learn English, or those who have chit_chat_2_activity Class Books 1,2 (+Audios) ✓. Excursions: Grammar and Practice Book Level 1 · Read more Happy House: Class Book Level 2. Read more · Chit Chat: Activity Book Level 2 · Read more.

AB Snapchat but older age.. I think they are more into WhatsApp. Although there is a slight disagreement in the group when LE dismisses the suggestion of Facebook as the primary means of digital communication among the young, the other participants appear to accept the alternative, Snapchat, without argument. The use of repetition is evident in the discourse and this plays a central role in maintaining personal relationships Tannen, However, this discussion may also highlight the unequal power relations within the group. The more confident and dominant members of the group such as LE are not afraid to express their opinions whereas quieter individuals may support a view out of a desire for conformity rather than genuine agreement. Generally, the extent to which users adopt new technology will depend on their private and professional lives and the limits they wish to place on these domains Lehtonen, Most participants, however, had little reservation about bringing WhatsApp home with them; they did not consider it to impact too heavily on their privacy. The frequency of postings will depend on the time individuals have in their everyday schedules and the importance they attach to the practice. Meanings From the discussions, the year one teacher training cohort was clearly more emotionally invested in the WhatsApp group than the trainees on the second year of the course. For the latter group, the mobile messaging service was peripheral to other practices. They appreciated its existence, but its primary aim was not to construct their knowledge. They commented that the WhatsApp group had consistently served two main functions over the two-year programme: as a reminder, for example of assignment deadlines, and as a more rapid and efficient means of disseminating information than other forms of communication such as email: NS if people have missed a class for whatever reason quite often will put some quest.

Are y ou there? Unit 2 Lesson 2. QuicklThere's a noise upstais! It isn'tin Lhe thaL? Itb here. Are gou OK? Whot'sthe motter With gou todog?

Askond onswer. Yourheodis hot. Youregesore red.. Whot con I do?

I'vegot o heodoche. Unit 3 Lesson 1 Pleose drinkthis.. Pleose drink this And go to bed. Bc hcetthyt Pleose comein. Owl Oo o h! Your heodis hot. Nic k! Reod ond motch. I con't. Drink lots of woter ond go to sleep.

Chit Chat 2 Sb

L e t' s plog footboll. This ice creom's good! Listen ond check. Don'tridea bike. P l ay as port. Don't play a sport. Drink lotsof water. Eatlotsof fruitandvegetables. Don't eatlotsof fruitandvegetables. Eatlotsof chocolate. Don't eatlotsof chocolate andsweets. Don't lotsof cota. Reod ond choose. I Complete the chort.

Learn French Through Conversation: 11 Tips to Master Chit Chat

Drink lotsof cola. Don't drink lotsof water. Penng Ooh. Give Here gouare.

Community Helpers - {Chit Chat Cards}

Don't goLo 'tho telephone. I"vegot a terrible headoche. Professon Unit 3 Lesson 4. Have gougot the uown? Units ReviewA. Eot lots of yegetobles.

Don'teot fots of ice cream. Drinklots of water. LAnyou playthe fl drinklots of colo. Yo u ' ve got o sorethroot. Eot lots of fruit.

I con. Youcon Con you got You've swim I pfcry heodoche. Listen ono check. As k o n d onSwer. When is there o morketin Northburg? How monu churches ore there in 7 Ar e th e r em u se u min s E di nburgh?

Mg school villoge. There's o big pork with o stotue. Mg flot is opposite Edinburgh. Thereore lots of shops cof6s. Mg town'snomeis Northburg. On Soturdogs ond Wednesdogs there'sq morket in the squore. Thereore two cinemos in the town. Let's go! Excuse me.. Have Excuse a book aboutcrowns? Look in the square! Unit4Les s on Thenturn left ab the bankKingStreet is oppositethesquare. Gostraightpastthe cinema.. S he ' s reoding. He ' swr itin g. And n o w l ' m skipping. Whot ore Uou doing?

Ar e gou jum ping? A re g ou doncing? A re gou swimmin g? Whot ore Uou doing. N ick. Deor Mott. He's onth Diggeris Lovetrom hotel in o big. Whot ore g o u doing? Thot's OK. We con't go to the por k. Thot' sOK. H ello. Woit o minute. It lS hot ond s unng.. We've got hots ond coots G oodbge! Listen ond find..

Download Chit Chat Classbook Level 2

Lrsten ond sing.: Cn no! J Choose titles for the poems. Mo k e o picture poem.. Unit 6 Lesson 3 The wind is blowing. Professq got we've a guestion. T He llo. The cofe is oppositeo clothesshop.

Mg closs n o m e is M issKe n n e d gSh teocher's. Reod ond mo t c h. Unit 7 Lesson 3. We'vegot o closs We'vegot Art on Fridog. I don't like thesvsrmis lLshalf past two. Don't be qfraid. We've got Historg. I like the museum. Whot TV p ro g ro mme sd o gou like. Zzzzzzzzzzzl No. I don't. Theg' re g re o t! It's seven fortg-f ive.

Mg fo v o u rit e progromme's on Chonn e l 2. Miss J. TV Guide 1 Channel 4. What's thatnoise'. And this is 7l1sdiamond. Here are photosof Lhe Lhemuseurfi. Zzzzzzzzzzzl Diarg Mondag Tuesdag.

S pike? I wotch TV. I ride mg bike. I plog footboll. On Tuesdog Is g o swim m in g. I g o sko tin g On Fridoys Up ond down the street.

On Wednesdoys I go fishing. Unit 9 Lesson 2. It's mg fovourite thing to do. I plogthe trumpet. TiOlomouc Hellotlm Hellol T. ISr Nheres Aour fishingrod? UnitgLes s on4. I gof ishing k Yes. Mg fovourite r i me! It'son ot 6. I likefood progrommes. Units ReviewC. They're 25 in thewoods. Lbtenond chont. Goodbye, myfriend! It's time to go. This is the end!

One,two,three,f our. NowI'm runningto the door. Ftve,six, seven,eight. Thts is to certtfg thot. Drowond lobelthe musicol Musi col lnstruments drum gui tor pi ono trumpet ,;i cl i i r vlotln I unit fl Lobetthe sports. Rooms F u rni ture ooth ro o m both hedro o m bed: Drow ond Iobel the weother. Citie s Weother lrn d iff It' sc ol d l. Write the lessons. Sci ence the TVguide.

Portsof bodg o lo n g n e ck a! A dri onB orcl ogpp. Enquiries concerning reprogrophics reproductionoutsidethe scopeof the oboveshouldbe sentto the ELTRightsDeportment,Oxford UniversitgPress,ot the oddressobove You mustnot circulotethis book in ong other bindingor cover ond gou must imposethis someconditionon ong ocquirer Photocopging for the photocopgingof those The Publishergrontspermission pogesmorked'photocopioble'occordingto the following mog moke copiesfor their own conditions.

Individuqlpurchosers mog moke thot theg teoch.

Schoolpurchosers usebg closses copiesfor use bg stoff ond students,but this permissiondoes not extendto odditionolschoolsor brqnches mog ong pqrt of this book be Underno circumstonces photocopiedfor resole Ang websitesreferredto in this publicotionore in the public ore providedbg OxfordUniversitg domoinond their oddresses ong Pressfor informotiononlg. OxfordUniversitgPressdiscloims for the content responsibilitg lsBN0 19 Printedand bound in Grafiasa,Porto,Portugal The publishers would like to thonk oll the teocherswho hove commentedon the courseot voriousstogesof its development.

We would olso like to thonk oll the teocherswho hove given us voluoble feedbockon Chqtterboxover the geors odvisethot work involvingcutting ond sticking The publishers of on odult shouldbe cqrriedout underthe supervision. Classbook Level 2. Read more. Classbook Level 1. Chit Chat.

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